Bambis-Liverpool Breastfeeding support

Who are we?

Liverpool BAMBIS (Babies & Mums Breastfeeding Information and Support) are a team of peer supporters who offer breastfeeding support and information to pregnant women, breastfeeding mums & their families. 

Peer supporters are mums who, typically, have breastfed their own babies and received formal training in breastfeeding peer support.

They work both in the Liverpool Womens Hospital and in the community via all 26 of the Liverpool Childrens Centres.

 Our Service

Hospital Bambis have a base in the Liverpool Womens Hospital.  We operate a seven day service 364 days of the year.  There is a team co-ordinator, and administrator and a team of peer supporters.  Peer supporters are paid staff and we also benefit from a team of volunteers.  All peer supporters whether paid or voluntary receive the same training, undergo the same checks and help and support new parents to the same extent.  Peer support service is provided at ward level to mums when they have initiated breastfeeding following birth.  We will visit each mum to see how the feeding is progressing, answer any questions or support any areas where mums are finding breastfeeding challenging.  We do not replace any of the services that are provided by health professionals at ward level.  We are a mum to mum support.  Our peer supporters also provide a presence in some of the antenatal specialist clinics giving support and information to pregnant mums.

 Our Staff

All our peer support staff have come into paid roles via a volunteer capacity, whether through this hospital or others.  Their passion and dedication comes, typically, personal experience and having the desire to inform and support parents of new babies with breastfeeding their newborn.

 Peer Support Volunteers

Again, our volunteers, who come from our local community and show a passion and commitment to pass on their knowledge and experience with understanding and empathy.  After completing their peer support training, practical skills reviews and other mandatory training and checks then volunteers in the hospital will visit new mums on the wards.  Volunteers typically dedicate at least four hours per week.

Support Enquiry

If you require support or information regarding breastfeeding your baby or are pregnant and would like to know more about breastfeeding here are some routes to the best information.


If you are pregnant and want to attend the breastfeeding workshop here at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital there are two sessions per month.  They are delivered by members of the Infant Feeding Team and can be booked via 0151 702 4180.  The appointments department will be able to give you the next, most applicable dates dependant upon your due date.

Breastfeeding workshops are also held at most of the 26 childrens centres across Liverpool.  You can attend any of them, it doesn’t have to be the one closest to where you live.  Contact your most convenient centre.  To find out which location is best for you, a list of childrens centres will be found on


Once you have given birth, if you are moved to a ward area and have initiated breastfeeding, typically you will be visited by one of our peer supporters during your stay in hospital.  Your midwife and other health professionals and health care assistants are, of course, also on hand to provide help and support you during this time

At Home

Once discharged from hospital, if you are a Liverpool resident you will be telephoned by Liverpool Community Bambis.  This service is provided for by the Childrens Centres and Liverpool City Council.  The peer supporters from this service are able to provide support over the telephone, via text and they also undertake home visits.

Volunteer Enquiry

If volunteering for our team would be something you would like to find out more about  please email with your name, address, email (if you have one), contact number and comments or if you would like an informal chat you are welcome to call either Alison Fay or Rachel Maudsley on 0151 702 4411 where they would be happy to answer any questions or talk you through the process of joining our peer support team.

We are limited to the amount of places on our training courses.  Potential volunteers who are accepted on our training cohorts are typically mothers who have breastfed or show a particular passion for supporting other mothers.  With this in mind and mainly due to our funding limitations please understand we if we can not progress applications or expressions of interest if you fall outside of this category.