Cradle holds

Image courtesy of Real Baby Milk

Cross Cradle Hold

This position is useful when you are just learning

  1. Use your fingers under the baby’s head so his head and the weight of his head are supported, but make sure his head is free to tilt back through the gap between your finger and thumb
  2. The palm of your hand supports your baby’s shoulders and you can press on his shoulders to bring him into the breast when ready
  3. Your forearm can tuck the rest of the baby’s body close to you. Most mums use their other hand to support their breast while the baby attaches
  4. When you are sure that the baby is attached and suckling well, you can bring that hand and arm around the baby too.

Image courtesy of Real Baby Milk

Cradle Hold

The position most mums use instinctively

  1. Your hand needs to be supporting your baby’s shoulders and he is free to tilt his head back out over your wrist. Baby’s head needs to be free to tilt back.

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