Breastfeeding with a disability

If you have a disability you may be concerned that this could impact on the decision of how you will feed your child, but the good news is that in most cases, with the support of midwifery teams and health professionals, disabilities can be overcome to allow you to breastfeed.

  • Health professionals will treat every woman individually
  • Health professionals will offer a one-to-one discussion in the antenatal period to develop an appropriate care plan
  • Health professionals will listen to you and try to respond to your individual needs. It’s helpful for staff to know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Peer Supporters may be able to offer you more emotional support
  • Staff will ensure you get support with, e.g. positioning and attaching your baby
  • All Mums and Dads need consistent information and time to gain their skills with their new baby so don’t worry you’ll get there

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