Top Tips

We hope these top ten tips will enable you to feel confident about breastfeeding your baby when you are out and about.

  • Practice in front of a mirror with lots of different styles of clothing. This will allow you to see yourself exactly as others do and help you find what you are most comfortable with
  • Loose clothing like tops that can be lifted up, or shirts that can be unbuttoned from the waist, will let you feed your baby without exposing the breast. It’s also easier to be discreet if your bra can be pulled up with one hand or if you can unfasten and refasten a nursing bra with one hand.
  • If you feel more comfortable you could use a small shawl or blanket to cover yourself
  • Find a good spot to sit – a wall or corner will usually give you the most privacy. Restaurant booths are great especially if another adult sits on the aisle
  • Learn to recognise your babies hunger cue as it is easier to position and attach your baby to feed at the first signs of hunger, than when he cries. You will become more confident after a few weeks of breastfeeding
  • Remember family members are good to practice in front of before your first trip out
  • Take a friend, ideally one who has also breastfed, out with you until you feel confident
  • Your Midwife or Health Visitor will be able to tell you about the breastfeeding Peer Support Worker in your area
  • Ask your Midwife, Health Visitor or Peer Support Worker about guides to venues where breastfeeding is made welcome. This will raise your comfort level for breastfeeding in public
  • The  Equality Bill 2010 makes clear that mothers can breastfeed their children without being asked to leave places like cafes and shops. This should give mums more confidence to feed when out and about