Breastfeeding problems

Breastfeeding if your baby is unsettled

If your baby is unsettled at the breast and doesn’t seem satisfied by feeds, it may be that they’re not attached to the breast correctly.  Have a look at our tips for good positioning and attachment.  lt can also be helpful to ask a breastfeeding supporter to work with you to improve positioning and attachment of your baby.  You can find your nearest breastfeeding peer support group using our helpful map.

Breastfeeding and tongue-tie

Some babies are born with a tight piece of skin between the underside of their tongue and the floor of their mouth. This is known as tongue-tie and it can affect feeding by making it hard for your baby to attach effectively at your breast.

Tongue-tie is easily treated. If you have any concerns, talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP.

Content adapted from NHS Choices